[984] FC Porto vs. Moreirense...From: ismaela Date (GMT): 19/04/2003 (Sat) 16:28:37

Hi friends, I've not been fine these weeks (just exhausted so much with work) but I always appreciate your posting .
This evening (within less than 2 hours ) Porto has a regular Liga championship match with Moreirense. Moreirense is currently not on the higher position in the table but this team can't be underestimated, they sometime show very tough playing. At least, they are now higher than Boavista... ;)
Again let's cross our fingers, wishing Vítor and Porto would have another luck and good swing-by motivation for the UEFA cup in Rome!!!! Please help!!!

[Reply to: 984] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 19/04/2003 (Sat) 23:37:03

Porto won with the score 2-1! Just more 2 wins to be Champion!!! But apparently during the match Vítor was injured... ! ;-0
HE had to be stitched, although HE reportedly had no problem to keep playing. So far I have no info what HE had to be stitched, how many points, etc....I am deeply concerned.... but now I have to go to work again.... Friends, tell me what happened if you know, please!!! ;((((((((

[Reply to: 984] From: els Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 09:31:24

Hoi Ismaela,thanks for the report.In Record today they told that Vitor got 4 points and it didn't hinder him,he has no problem for playing what you said already.Bye

[Reply to: 984] From: ana Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 11:50:03

hi there!
no worries, Vitor is absolutely fine! ;) I couldn't go to Antas (I'm now in Viseu, a city in the inside of Portugal. Came to celebrate Easter with the rest of my family) and when Ana told me Vitor was injured and was being assisted by the doctor I got really worried (I guess we all tend to be this way when the words "injury" and "vitor" are in the same sentence, ah?) but now I'm sure he's fine cause he came to the second half without the bandage in his head (and 15minutes late!!) and I've just read in record and ojogo that he has no problem at all (aloisio confirmed it! http://www.ojogo.pt/19-58/artigo265762.htm)

I saw the highlights of the match later on RTP and I have to say it was kinda funny the way Vitor was playing with his head all rolled up in that bandage... lol (pity you can't see a pic of that, maybe they'll show it on tonight's Domingo Desportivo) and you know what was even funnier?? the way Vitor knocked a Moreirense player down, TWICE and the referee "saw nothing" eheheh... ;) right at the end of the 1st half Demetrios was running isolated towards Vitor and HE just bumped into the guy, Demetrios kept running, Vitor kicked the ball away and pulled his legs!! a more strick referee with take no second thoughts and show vitor a direct red card....I guess HE was quite lucky...

it wasn't a good match at all...but what matters is that we won and we are 2 victories away from officially celebrating the title!! ;))

[Reply to: 984] From: els Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 13:14:02

ana,I was always thinking that Vitor was a real gentleman on the field.I don't hope he recieves later a punishment like in Great Briton or the Netherlands,when the referee hasn't see the fault and the tv shows the fault,they can punish him by the images on tv.
ana enjoy your time in Viseu.Is that far away from Curia?I was once there for a bike holiday.Bye

[Reply to: 984] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 21/04/2003 (Mon) 20:49:42

Thanks Ana, for the info as always!!! Later, I read O JOGO reporting that Vítor was eventually stitched 8 points!!! ;((
Fortunately HE has apparently no problem to prepare Lazio challenge on Thursday... I have not found any images (Domingo Desportivo video on RTP site is quite late! The latest one in the archive is that of about 2 weeks ago! ;( ) so I have no idea how HE was stitched... Despite being a goal keeper HE had been incredibly free from scars on the face, I think, but how about this time? Was HE stiched the forehead or the scalp? I watched a blur video of Jornal da Tarde on RTP site, but I could not see the detail. Just curious and still worried...

Anyway thanks again Ana from Viseu, how are you having the holidays? I've been to Viseu just for once, adoring as the city where Paulo Sousa was born & raised. It was the following day when I met Ana 2 years ago... A friend of mine and I went there with bus from Porto but we had no time to stay Viseu so long, just for 1 hour due to time table so we almost knew nothing about the city! ;( Anyway it was a cute and tiny excursion but I should have learned what/where to see in Viseu in advance. I visited a very old church anyway, though... If you have time please tell me what to see in Viseu next time! ;)))

Els, I remember Capucho was banned for 1 or 2 matches in the last season, because of the incident he hit an opponent with the elbow when he was dribbling, which the referee couldn't see but the liga evaluated later on the TV. Capucho was quite upset against the punishment and spat out as "I cannot help laughing at their decision"...
So in Portugal it could happen, too. But so far there seem to be no movement to ban Vítor this time... Let's wish HE would not miss the last part of this season....

[Reply to: 984] From: ana Date (GMT): 22/04/2003 (Tue) 15:12:23

Hi there...
I think Jornal da Tarde is probably the only image you can get of it! I'm sorry it isn't too clear! ;( the injury wasn't in his forhead, just a bit over it! I don't think he will get any scar for it...but like I said that man is the most beautiful criature in the world...even with his head all rolled up in brown bandage... ;)

and I don't think he'll get any punishment...that usually only happens in extreme cases and if it would happen we would already have heard of it...

about Viseu...well, there isn't much I can tell you about cause I only go there like 3times a year and I never go to the city of Viseu but to a really small village outside the city! worth seeing sights?? maybe the "Praça do Rossio" and the "Sé" (I guess that's the old church you're talking about...) sorry, but I know very litle about the city of Viseu... ;(

btw, I'll be in the cr for a while... ;)

[Reply to: 984] From: ana Date (GMT): 23/04/2003 (Wed) 15:55:38

still there...

[985] HAPPY EASTER!From: Trude Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 18:58:56

Hi friends, just sending my Easter greetings to you. Thanks - as always - for all the information about Vitor & Co.; sorry I'm not contributing much. I'm wishing FCP success, and I'm of course looking forward to CL last quarterfinal matchday ;-) Hope you are fine. C U!

[Reply to: 985] From: els Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 19:25:44

hoi Trude,the same greetings for you and let's cross our fingers for thursday evening.It will be difficult in Rome,I know they have 2 goals in their advantage but like always I look to pessimistic.Imagine that Boavista will qualify and not Porto.Bye

[Reply to: 985] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 21/04/2003 (Mon) 21:05:00

Hi Trude!!! Happy Easter to you, too!!! Yes exciting CL and UEFA cup again... I've just read that Raúl was operated, suffering appendicitis so will be unavailable for the match against Man Utd...! ;-0 A great miss for Real Madrid...I hope Figo would play so fine...! And UEFA cup matches, there's nothing to say, just wishing Porto would have luck again!!! ;((( I think Lazio would have to get the score 3-0 to win at least. If Porto will mark just one goal, then they would need 5-1 (due to away goal regulation, perhaps)... I hope Vítor would have luck to keep cleansheet although it is almost impossible... Let's cross our fingers!!!
By the way Trude, Easter always reminds me of you expaining me about it... ;)))) I have just searched the archive of this MB and cherished the past posts around Easter. Now It is the 3rd Easter here, it is incredible!
I wish all of you happy Easter!!! Thanks!!! ;)))

[Reply to: 985] From: Trude Date (GMT): 21/04/2003 (Mon) 22:32:07

I remember that, too...;-))) Yes, it's incredible, let's keep it up! An exciting football week coming :-), C U! - BTW Ismaela, my father, a 70 year old man, has become a passionate Sumo fan in the recent years by watching it on an international TV sports channel. He's even planning to go to Japan to watch one of those events! In case you didn't know: the French president Chirac is a huge Sumo fan, too, as my father told me. It's a very old tradition in Japan, isn't it, and my Pa is really fascinated. :-) C U!

[Reply to: 985] From: dominika Date (GMT): 21/04/2003 (Mon) 22:35:25

Hi,thanks Ismaela for wishes.
I'm a pessimist:(((( But let's hope that PORTO will win! Oh, God help, please!

[971] Lazio and VitorFrom: lola Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 13:38:55

Hi all, long time no see!
I wish I was living in Rome to see Lazio, my team, against Porto. Well you might ask who I would support, I love Lazio, but I love Vitor even more and if it makes him happy I am willing to see Lazio defeated. I would feel sorry for Fernando though!
BTW, thanks Ana for the Fernando site, very interesting indeed. Especially I was intrigued by how Vitor has changed looks during the years, from a young kid to a mature man. I must say now he is even more beautiful than when he was younger. I do not think I would have been so taken by him if I had got to know of him early in his career. What do you think? He was cute then, but now he is heavenly. Do you agree? About Scolari, he will soon have to open his sleepy eyes and see that Vitor is still the greatest and most determined GK around in Portugal.

[Reply to: 971] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 20:14:41

Hi lola, thanks for coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;))))
I instantly imagined your mind split away when I heard Porto and Lazio were decided to confront. Anyway I am happy you are supporting Porto on behalf of Vítor...
And I quite agree with you, he's now even more beautiful than his younger days! ;)
And I hope your wish (and it's also my wish) about Scolari would be realized soon!! ;((

[Reply to: 971] From: lola Date (GMT): 26/03/2003 (Wed) 08:39:44

Does anybody know the date of the Lazio-Porto match in Rome? I will be in Rome around Easter, so maybe I have a chance to see Vitor "live" again. Please tell me.

[Reply to: 971] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 26/03/2003 (Wed) 14:55:31

Hi lola! I believe Lazio vs. Porto match will be held on April 10th in Rome, and then again on April 24 in Porto. I think it's a lucky schedule for Porto...
Will you go back to Rome to see HIM??? ;))))

[Reply to: 971] From: ana Date (GMT): 28/03/2003 (Fri) 17:48:04

change of plans girls, the first hand will be here at Antas, (April 10th) and then on the 24th the boys will be in Italy.... will you be able to see them?? ;-))

[Reply to: 971] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 28/03/2003 (Fri) 17:50:04

Oh I did not know it!!!!!!! Thanks Ana!!! ;D
I hope Lola would be able to see HIM.....

[Reply to: 971] From: lola Date (GMT): 01/04/2003 (Tue) 08:30:41

I will just miss the match as I am due to be back to London on the 23rd, but I am thinking of trying to see Vitor at the airport when Porto arrives or at the training ground. I do not know their schedule though, when will they arrive in Rome? Perhaps Ana knows. Any tips on how I can find out?
Hi Trude, nice to see you back, I will keep in touch!

[Reply to: 971] From: Ana Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 11:56:15

Hi Lola!
I read somewhere that they'll leave Oporto on tuesday (plane takes off at 13h, portuguese time) I don't know their schedule in Rome but I guess they'll arrive on the evening and train on wednesday! that's just me guessing cause all I know is that they'll we have a meeting with the Pope the day of the match.
hope you'll be able to ctah the boys!! ;)

[Reply to: 971] From: ana Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 11:57:58

I meant "catch the boys...".. ;)
btw, happy Easter everyone!! ;)

[983] no titleFrom: els Date (GMT): 15/04/2003 (Tue) 13:19:53

Yesterday evening it was cup day.I saw that vitor was on the bench,I suppose he gets some rest of Mourinho(I hope so).On monday,there is always a page with foreigner football in the belgian newspapers(Most english,french,dutch,spanish).this monday,it was the first time that they said something about portugese football and especially about Mourinho:he deserve the top place of the this week foreigner football(hé,dear Zé beat all the great football nations).they said about him;couple of years assistent of Van Gaal,a southern macho but a real professional,expert.Bye

[Reply to: 983] From: ana Date (GMT): 18/04/2003 (Fri) 15:31:33

Hi els! I'm sorry I left you alone in the cr the other day...I lost my conection! ;( I'm really sorry...

and I'll be in the cr now...for a while...

[Reply to: 983] From: els Date (GMT): 20/04/2003 (Sun) 09:34:39

ana,it's ok.I couldn't stay also in the cr,it's also my fault.sorry.I hope we will meet again soon in the cr.Bye

[981] YESSSSSS!!!!!!!From: Morgaine Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 00:19:06

Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, what a fantastic day -Porto beat Lazio 4-1!!! And I got to see it!! For once, American cable came through and actually televised (LIVE, oh definitely a lucky day!) an FC Porto game and, oh god, what a game. I've never seen Porto play and it was glorious finally being able to watch Deco, Derlei, Maniche, Postiga, et al do their thing - and they do it so very, very well; lordy, I'm so proud! Vítor was wonderful (and, of course, beautiful as always); as usual, Porto's defense and offense kept things relatively quiet for him but he came through brilliantly when needed (and no blame to him for Lazio's goal). The only time I worried was when he punched the ball out the first time (he did it twice); I remember he was reamed for this by the press during the U.S. match in the World Cup and I wondered what the Portuguese sports press would make of it. No need to worry, though; none of them mentioned it (in fact, reading the minute-by-minute reports in Maisfutebol and Record you'd think he was hardly in the game except perhaps in the last quarter). A far better minute-by-minute is offered by UEFA at http://www.uefa.com/competitions/UEFACup/FixturesResults/Round=1631/Match=70978/Report=MbM.html .
Oh, and I keep meaning to suggest the match reports at O Portal dos Dragoes; I've begun reading them first before the on-line Portuguese media, primarily because it's pro-Vítor and it just seems to give a better sense of the matches without the subtle (and not so subtle) anti-Porto and anti-Baía prejudices of Record and A Bola (and even Maisfutebol at times). Anyway, if you're not already familiar with it, O Portal dos Dragoes is a nice site (in Portuguese) at http://www.fcporto.ws/index2.html .
Sorry, sorry for such a long message! I'm just so happy! (Ana, were you there? I was thinking of you every time the camera panned the crowd).

[Reply to: 981] From: lola Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 08:38:39

Lazio lost badly, but Vitor must be smiling, so it softens the blow. Forca Vitor you are still proving to be the best GK in Portugal!

[Reply to: 981] From: els Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 11:11:17

Thanks Morgaine,I'm happy you see Vitor in action.I've seen the match Celtic-Boavista on the bbc.Ricardo was one moment great,when he saved the penalty.The most other things were not good or bad.In the studio there were 4 reporters(including Gary Lineker and Kenny Dalgish),they laughed at Ricardo.Always when there was a cross bal ,he was in trouble.He take the ball and let it go.They found him a comedy keeper and they said,Celtic must believe in his chance with Ricardo in the goal.I must also said that Ricardo has always the luck when he failed it isn't a goal.But I don't understand how he got 4 Stars points in ojogo.Maybe for his very good save on the penalty.I say it again Ricardo didn't impresse me.Bye

[Reply to: 981] From: ursula Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 14:43:48

i´m soooo glad they won. but here they only show boavista-celtic :-(. does anyone know where on german tv i can see at least a short sum up?? greetings and bye

[Reply to: 981] From: ana Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 15:00:31

so...it's true?? I wasn't dreaming??? oh my God!!! I knew we were good but THAT good?? gosh I just couldn't believe it!!! I still can't forgive myself for not being there....I just couldn't!! ;((( and I wasn't even able to hear the radio report!!! ;(( Ana was my "radio" she was telling my the result tru sms so I wouldn't completly dispair!! when she told me we were winning 4-1 I just didn't believe it!!
I'm just so happy right now!! can we really dream about Sevilha?? (english?) ;-))

and congratulations to Boavista aswell, 1-1 wasn't the perfect result but they sure got and advantage for the home match on the 24th

btw, Lola, I don't know the team's schedule for the second leg but I read somewhere that they're trying to get a visit to the Pope on wednesday 23th....

ursula, at this moment I'm seeing celtic-Boavista (or celtic-porto as they have on their screen ;) ) on DSF (that's german, right?) so I guess they'll show our match too...

I'll be in the cr....

[Reply to: 981] From: els Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 15:34:20

Hoi,I've just read an article in a bola about Vitor.It must be the first time he speak about his not selection for the NT.But you all know about my portugese translation to english.Help.I will try.Vitor is still hope for a recall for the NT and why not?he says that recover from his heavy injury his one of his greatest victory(I hope I understand it good).He seems me so careful and so sweet when speaks.Last weekend ,I showed a tape of Vitor to my cousin,13 years.She knows him onley by name but when she saw him on video ,she found him so handsome that I must show her that tape again this weekend;I still have that interview with him in the champion's league magazine of last year(player's profile).He is so pretty.Vitor is like wine how older ,how better.Bye,Bye

[Reply to: 981] From: ursula Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 18:48:16

thanks ana! maybe i catch the match in the next days. but it seems they have only the rights on the celtic-porto game. so i´m hoping they will at least broadcast the final in sevilla of course porto vs. porto.

[Reply to: 981] From: Morgaine Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 18:48:37

Lola, I am sorry that Lazio lost so badly (although, simultaneously, I'm deliriously happy that Porto won so well) - I always support Lazio in the Serie A and I'm a huge fan of Couto. I don't know, they just seemed unprepared for how well Porto can play. But now they do know and will be prepared, and the second leg in Rome is going to be nail-biting.
Portuguese football matches aren't shown here in North America except on closed-circuit and even rarely mentioned on the sports news channels, so I was curious what the American commentator would say about Porto. As you can imagine, I was very happy when he referred to Vítor as "the legendary Vítor Baía" and "the great Vítor Baía". Ana, the team played beautifully; at one point in the second half, the commentator stated that it often seemed that "Lazio didn't deserve to be on the same field with Porto". After watching months of English, Spanish, German and Italian league matches, I was thrilled to see how well FC Porto could play and, believe me, they can play with the best.
Like Els, I'm not at all impressed with Ricardo; I've seen him play and while I have to grudgingly concede that he is a very good goalkeeper, there's just nothing special about him at all; whatever it is that turns "good" to "great", that magical "it" factor that Vítor has in spades, is utterly missing in Ricardo. I was really looking forward to going to Portugal next summer, but if Scolari is determined to keep Ricardo in goal, that plan is scratched. I read the article in A Bola and I can only hope that Vítor had some inside information and wasn't just being his usual and admirably confident self because I have absolutely no faith in Scolari anymore.

[Reply to: 981] From: dominika Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 19:44:50

Hi. Yes, it was really fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vitor and all FCP:)))) I'm so happy. 4-1, splendid a victory! FC PORTO is superb team, Vitor is the best goalkeeper! He's really wonderful! Finally I saw him:))))))
Morgaine, as for Vitor, yes, he punched the ball twice. I heard the opinion of ex-goalkeeper (he was very good GK) and he said:" Baia punchs the ball and it's very wise its decision. When the ball is wet is properly doing it." He praised him anyway:)) I'm very pleased with it:D. Bye!

Jeżeli są tu ludzie z Polski to odezwijcie się! Magda, Diana, gdzie wy jesteście?

[Reply to: 981] From: Diana Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 20:41:53

Jesteśmy, jesteśmy. Rzadko piszę, ale czytam board codziennie. Mecz oglądałam i jestem pod wrażeniem.Oby tak dalej. Pozdrawiam Polskę.

[Reply to: 981] From: Magda Date (GMT): 12/04/2003 (Sat) 19:37:02

Ja tez jestem, ostatnio nie mialam mozliwosci czesciej tu byc, ale teraz sie postaram. Of course I'm so happy that Porto won, I've seen this game, it was really great and beautiful. Vitor looks so lovely and plays well too. I believe that Porto will win UEFA Cup!
Greetings to all of you, dla Was: Dominika i Diana szczególnie.

[Reply to: 981] From: dominika Date (GMT): 14/04/2003 (Mon) 18:52:02

Dobrze, że znowu jesteście dziewczyny! I don't know why, but I'm afraid when I think about the return game in Rome. It will be harder than the match at Antas, so it seems to me:(
Ismaela, where are you? What's happening? You have problems with your pc, I guess...
This evening is the match of Portuguese Cup. Good luck PORTO!!!!!!!!!!

[Reply to: 981] From: ana Date (GMT): 15/04/2003 (Tue) 16:32:03

I (we all I dare to say) also expect a much harder match in Rome but I trust our boys and I know they won't let themselves be beaten by 3-0 (the result lazio need to qualify)....can't wait!!

I'll be in the cr...

[Reply to: 981] From: dominika Date (GMT): 17/04/2003 (Thu) 14:30:25

I hope you're right Ana. Nevertheless I'm still afraid;((( Where is my optimism? Anyway let's cross our fingers for FCP!!!
Magda i Diana, gdzie mieszkacie? Ja jestem z Sosnowca.

[Reply to: 981] From: Magda Date (GMT): 17/04/2003 (Thu) 18:32:32

Ja teraz jeszcze w Szczecinie, ale teraz zdaje mature i wyjezdzam na studia do Warszawy.
Sure, the game in Rome will be much harder but I believe in FC Porto. They will win!

[Reply to: 981] From: Diana Date (GMT): 18/04/2003 (Fri) 10:22:48

Mieszkam w Lublinie.

[982] whoohoo!From: G Date (GMT): 14/04/2003 (Mon) 02:55:32

I'm with you Morgaine about FINALLY seeing PORTO play the game was brilllant!, glad I taped it. had the bonus pleasure of watching in an italian cafe full of good natured glares....may they do just as well in Rome.

[942] no titleFrom: snieguole Date (GMT): 07/02/2003 (Fri) 18:35:44

Hi!Is anybody here?I would like to talk a little bit this boring friday evening.:)

[Reply to: 942] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/02/2003 (Fri) 22:00:52

Hi snieguole! Welcome!! I'm sorry I could not be in the Chat Room! Where are you from? Italy??

[Reply to: 942] From: snieguole Date (GMT): 10/02/2003 (Mon) 20:52:55

Hi!!! I`m from Lithuania.I`m interested in watching football,and Vitor is my favorit goalkeeper.It was nice to "invent" this fan`s club.

[Reply to: 942] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 10/02/2003 (Mon) 22:26:26

Oh you are from Lithuania?! I guess you are the 1st Lithuanian guest here. It's the home country of Jankauskas, right?! He must be so proud of being Lithuanian! I hope he would mark goals in the upcoming friendly match of Lithanina vs.Latvia! (BTW, sorry my ignorance, but I wonder why these Baltic nations will hold a match in Turkey...)

[Reply to: 942] From: snieguole Date (GMT): 11/02/2003 (Tue) 18:43:35

It`s funny,but I know very little about lithuanian football.Of course,Jankauskas I know.But they are quite bad.I don`t want to speak not good about them,but must admitt it.But our basketball players are cool!!! My time for football begins in world or Europe championships.Anyway,now I live in Norway.In the place,where they have only one chanel.Not sport.So here I can read news about this game,about this man.:)

[Reply to: 942] From: auguste Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 19:15:26

ismaela»» [10/02/2003 (Mon) 22:26:26]
'Oh you are from Lithuania?! I guess you are the 1st Lithuanian guest here'
Well, really not the first :)) I'm also from Lithuania, but somehow till now was in observer's position :))))

[974] Portugal-Brazil 2:1! :-)From: Trude Date (GMT): 30/03/2003 (Sun) 16:23:57

Hi friends, hope you all are fine. Sorry (again) for showing up here rarely, but you see I'm still "with you". - Recently I saw Vitor in Eurogoals TV magazine, and he was beautiful as ever. I absolutely agree with your view in topic 971: he is much more fascinating now than he was as a very young man.
So the Lazio match at Rome will be a few days after Easter... I'm wishing, too, that you can watch it, Lola.
I'm (of course) glad about the result of the Portugal-Brazil test match. They won even after an unjustified penalty against them, great!
Very interesting football evening yesterday, though I couldn't watch things very concentratedly. There were some surprises, e.g. Netherlands... they really should be at Euro 2004.
In Germany there's of course much talking about their match against Lithuania only 1:1... Poor Rudi Völler... Germany-Scotland (sp.?) in June will be very important now. In case anybody is interested: Berti Vogts, long-year German NT, is coaching "The Bravehearts" now... Then, this Saturday the "great" Borussia Dortmund was here, in my little town, for some benefiz match... I didn't go, I was absent, but Dortmund won only 1:0 against my town's club ;-) BTW Bayern is winning the Bundesliga :-( - Sorry for annoying you with German football. - Only 9 days till the CL quarterfinals, with 3 Italian, 3 Spanish clubs plus Ajax and ManU. Italian teams have done much better so far than last season.
Enough. I wish I could "be here" more often and follow the several topics more intensely instead of showing up rarely and mentioning 10 topics in one ;-) However, greetings to each of you, C U!

[Reply to: 974] From: dominika Date (GMT): 01/04/2003 (Tue) 14:15:38

Hi everyone. Portugal achieved splendid victory against the world champion Brazil. I saw this match:) It was raining during the whole game but Antas looked fine. So, Ricardo made a good save, he allowed a goal but it was penalty kick. Trude says that " unjustified penalty" but I don't know...
I saw in the stand 4 fans, they were wearing t-shirts with letter. All in all arose the inscription DECO. About Deco I think he is really good player and I like him because he's player of FC Porto. As for his naturalization...hm... I remember like it was with Emmanuel Olisadebe when he got Polish citizenship. If one said yes other said no and this is understandable. Well, now people in Poland are happy that this happened. And I'm too. So, the world unite... Anyway I wish Deco good luck in Porto and in the NT. BFN!

[Reply to: 974] From: Trude Date (GMT): 01/04/2003 (Tue) 22:36:02

Hi! The penalty kick for Brazil was given for a foul action that began before the line - how do you call that line?! - stil outside the space where disturbing an attacking player must not be done. It was clear to see. The Brazil player fell to the floor within that space, but the foul action, the foot of a Portuguese player at his leg, happened outside of it. Hope I managed to explain... ;-)

[Reply to: 974] From: dominika Date (GMT): 02/04/2003 (Wed) 12:32:02

Thanks Trude. Maybe you're right. But the referee wasn't against Portugal anyway. He expelled Roberto Carlos from a pitch...
Today is the friendly match Portugal vs Macedonia. Good luck!!!

[Reply to: 974] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 20:11:42

Sorry friends, I've been a bit ill so I could not post here as I wished... Well here we go again anyway...
Hi Trude and dominika, thanks for coming back. Trude, everyone has her/his own pace each to join the internet so please don't mind about yours. My arms are always opened for you (somewhat Portuguese style phrase ;))
Well, about Brazil-Portugal match, it's quite a happy debut for our FC Porto boys like Maniche and Deco. I hope they would contribute for Portuguese NT for a long time in the future... Ana must have enjoyed the match despite the storm... What a great experience... :D
However I could not help thinking about Vítor. I'm afraid HIS presence in the NT would be faded and forgetten day by day... Apparently Ricardo's goalkeeping is flawless for the NT so Scolari would keep counting on him, so this sleepy-eyed coach (really well said, lola!) would never look back Vítor in the future.. what a pity...So I could not enjoyed about the NT matches these days.
How greedy I could be; I should have appreciated God much more about Vítor this season... In comparison with the last season, HE has been so free from injury so far, maintaining great form, the club keeps being soooooo strong, 3 titles can be on the targets at the same time.... But I'm not truly happy, to say the truth. What a helpless fan I am ;(

[Reply to: 974] From: Trude Date (GMT): 10/04/2003 (Thu) 23:24:44

Thanks, Ismaela. So you think we must forget hoping to see VB playing in the NT?!?! One year before EC in Portugal...:-((( However, best wishes for FCP in UEFA Cup. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the star parade of CL. I liked it , this Tuesday, when Guti kissed Ronaldo on the cheek ;-) Greetings and C U!

[Reply to: 974] From: els Date (GMT): 11/04/2003 (Fri) 18:41:44

Ismaela,I know the solution of the not selection of Vitor for the NT.Scolari don't look at tv but read the portugese newspapers.Always when I read the portugese newspapers,Ricardo is great and a hero.Now I saw him in action and he is not so great ,I'm agreed with the british,he is a comedy keeper(especially in great briton with all the cross).I thank Ricardo for my funny evening and he was the clown but I bet the portugese tv didn't show all his mistakes.Bye

[979] heltonFrom: els Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 16:33:21

Hoi all VB fan's.Is it true that Porto buy or be interested in an other keeper:Helton of Leira?I read it on Porto-online.com and they look already in the future for this summer for the battle of the number one keeper of Porto,between Nuno-Helton-baia.How could they do that.I found this a lack of respect for Vitor.Maybe I'm too pessimistic.

[Reply to: 979] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 19:54:42

Hi els, I did not know about the rumour, Helton who?? As far as I read the article he is a brazilian hope but... why?
Well, I think the Porto-online webmaster has never confirmed if the signing will be really going on, he's just quoting the article from A Bola, the Lisbon side without firm proof...
Well I do remember, about whole a year ago there had been a long-termed ENKE rumour swirling ... And Enke eventually did not come to Porto but to Barcelona... And the result, he was only to be one of sub GKs without playing so often, despite his ambition to sign a club which may promise him the 1st GK spot. What a funny story. And poor Enke... hehe:)
Well, I've heard now Enke is ready to leave Barça at the end of the season, probably without transfer fee... Why won't Porto sign Enke this time?! LOL ;)
Oh my... btw I've read Record that Porto and Mourinho want to have more talents on the left side winger and defensive half (Volante in Brazilian term, or Trinco in Portuguese) positions. I think GK position was not considered to reinforce in that article...
Or,perhaps we should appreciate Nuno's presence which may strengthen Vítor's mental power... :)

[Reply to: 979] From: ana Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 19:58:24

ismaela, are you on-line?? can you come to the cr??

[Reply to: 979] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 20:32:26

Sorry Ana, I could not log into the cr, since my pc has been a bit ill like me... And I can't post my messages as regular basis either...
Recently I updated the firewall program but it turned out to be really bad. It does not let me see web pages or chat as I wish. The former version was much lighter and worked fine. I should not have updated... As if I had thrown my money into a mud river....Norton sucks!!! ;(((

[Reply to: 979] From: dominika Date (GMT): 08/04/2003 (Tue) 19:40:29

Hi Ismaela, you are "cruel" to Enke:))) So, this guy thought that he would be making a great career in Barca...poor...he miscalculated :D
I hope Vitor will be playing vs Lazio on Thursday. I will be able to see this match:)) But when I watching Porto's matches live, Vitor doesn't play mostly, hardly ever...hence my concerns:((

[Reply to: 979] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 10/04/2003 (Thu) 17:12:54

Hi dominika, well now it's a "mission impossible" time for Porto, a challenge to Lazio... I must admit that it would be so hard to win for Porto tonight (and will be even harder in the 2nd match in Rome 2 weeks after), but let's cross our fingers for Vítor and FCP.
Well seriously, perhaps you could be potentially a guardian angel of Vítor ... Maybe your eyes could protect HIM from any injuries, exhausting works, and the attacking balls ;)

[980] embrujada por bahiaFrom: sandra Date (GMT): 08/04/2003 (Tue) 13:23:06

me encanta vitor bahia desde el momento que parecio en el barcelona y desde entonces no he dejado de ser fans de el y admirarlo cada vez mas por su trabajo y por lo buenisimo que esta

[Reply to: 980] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 10/04/2003 (Thu) 17:05:25

Hola sandra, muchas gracias por tu mensaje, ¡vamos a seguir apoyando Baía! ;)

[975] obrigado vitorFrom: pedro justo Date (GMT): 03/04/2003 (Thu) 12:56:38

quero agradecer publicamente a existencia do maior guarda redes de todos os tempos.é pena que em portugal não se reconheça o devido valor do meu vitor baía.O porto vai ser campeão e vencer a taça uefa e o vitor vai mostrar a todos quem ele é.Força vitor

[Reply to: 975] From: ana Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 20:04:10

oi pedro! :) sou a ana, prazer... ;) tiraste-me as palavras da boca...concordo plenamente contigo, é mt triste q n se reconheça o valor do nosso Baía!! mas, tal como disseste, sei q ele vai continuar a provar kem é...a mostrar toda a sua raça!! ;)
jitos...aparece sempre...

[Reply to: 975] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 20:43:50

Ola Pedro, muita obrigada por tuas palavras... Sorry I do understand what you wrote but I cannot write Portuguese very much... Anyway there are many Portuguese fans here so I hope you will come back whenever you can. Thanks again Pedro ;)

[977] Please...From: Yuna Date (GMT): 05/04/2003 (Sat) 11:14:33

Dear ismaera:
Please send me your e-mail.
I was trying send you,but I cannot it.Because come back to me. Why is that?
I feel like a crying.

[Reply to: 977] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 05/04/2003 (Sat) 19:19:58

Sorry Yuna, my mail is practically useless for now. If it is not too personal matter, please drop your line on this message board! Thanks ;)

[Reply to: 977] From: Yuna Date (GMT): 06/04/2003 (Sun) 15:24:21

Thank you and sorry

[Reply to: 977] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 18:05:58

Thanks for your understanding. By the way Yuna, are you the same 'Yuna' who has subscribed MSN's group http://groups.msn.com/Jovenstalentososportugueses/ ?
I just wonder, the group is about the younger Portuguese players (around 21 years old) as you see, but that 'Yuna' recently made a considerably big photo album of Vítor. As far as I understand, Vítor should be sorted one of "outros jogadores" and not for "Jovens" in the group. It should be considered very well why the special album of Vítor had not been there until then, despite the fact that one of the admins of the group, who kindly appears here too, is so huge fan of Vítor but she had not built a photo album about HIM ....Do you think why? Because the group's theme is about "Jovens jogadores" or "miudos", like the Portuguese players around the age Sub-21, Sub-23 or so....
Posting too many pictures is to consume the disk space of the Web server, and it may risk something else. The group members must be very aware of respecting the membership. If not, those actions may be just embarassing for the other members...
I just wonder if that Yuna had ever considered about it. Do you know her, or are you herself?? Sorry for my ranting....

[Reply to: 977] From: ana Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 19:57:32

Hi there!! ;)
I missed you girls!!! :) I've just returned from a 4 day school trip and I was soooooo tired....I hardly had any time to realize I was home again... ;)
but now that I've taken my rest the first thing I did was come here and check out how everything was going (I know it ws only 4 days but it seemed a whole month to me)

about the "Jovens Talentosos Portugueses" site (btw, thanks for the publicity ;)) only now I've seen the album about Vitor and I've just replied to Yuna's message. like I said there, I felt really bad to have to delete all those great photos but like Ismaela said, the site's theme is about our young stars, 23/24 year old at the maximum...so, as much as I would like, an album about Vitor wouldn't fit in really well! Yuna, I hope you understand and don't feel bad...and Ismaela, thanks for the concern! ;))

[978] FC PORTO WONS!From: Yuna Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 00:36:32

FC PORTO WONS!! I was exited! All right!
I am delighted.
BRAVO!Nice Going!

[Reply to: 978] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 07/04/2003 (Mon) 18:38:42

Yes Porto defeated Setúbal with the score 3-0. Actually Vítor had almost nothing to do especially... only 2 key defenses. Setúbal's attack is too weak to threat Porto's DFs, and moreover, a player of Setúbal was sent off with 2 yellow cards just in the 1st half. Anyway it's a victory, just 3 more wins to be O Campeão!!
Vítor's ratings... by A BOLA -- 6 , by Maisfutebol -- 3, by O JOGO -- 3 stars. Seems to be "average" over all. However, the opponent GK got more points in spite of suffering 3 goals! How could it be ?! Maybe he was busier than Vítor but it's unfair! If it were the 'uncle' Pedro Espinha (regular #1 GK of Setúbal, former Porto-sub GK and collegue of Vítor in the NT@EURO2000 era. He seemed to be a really good person, though I don't know what he is like actually), I could have allowed him but it's not! How has been uncle Espinha these days!? ;((

[976] Dear VITOR:From: Yuna Date (GMT): 05/04/2003 (Sat) 08:17:09

Good luck for your play(UEFA CUP&league).
I cheer you!
I am a big fan of VITOR BAIA!
I wanna be your sunshine.And I love you....

Thank you and obrigada!

[973] i love vitor baiaFrom: oka Date (GMT): 28/03/2003 (Fri) 02:41:19

please,give me baia`s picture. thanx


[Reply to: 973] From: oka Date (GMT): 28/03/2003 (Fri) 02:42:56

please,give me baia`s picture.thanx


[972] Nacional 1, FC Porto 2!From: ismaela Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 20:03:28

The regular SuperLiga campeonato is still going on, although Porto's being champion this season is almost guaranteed but they don't loosen their power. However, this match allowed Nacional leading the score 1-0 until around the 75mins, since Porto's deffence was worse than usual (without good Left sidebacks such as Nuno Valente and Mario Silva, due to injury) and the attacking force was poorer than ever since Mourinho preserved Deco, Derlei and Hélder Postiga (although the former 2 men eventualy entered in the field in the 2nd half). Anyway the way Porto won showed why they are so strong...
Vítor allowed 1 goal at the end of the 1st half but it's almost the fault of DFs and HE reportedly did HIS best again. HE must have been busier than usual... ;)
If Porto will win 4 matches more, it will be mathematically decided their victory in the Superliga Championship. 4 to go!!
Meanwhile, Ricardo's Boavista was defeated by Belenenses with the score 1-3. Ricardo seems to have comitted many errors this time....

[Reply to: 972] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 20:22:15

Vítor's rating by those sportjournal's review...
A Bola 6, O JOGO 3, Maisfutebol 3. Apparently it's an "average" performance. Record's review:
"Comecou por se mostrar atento em duas saidas de baliza, vindo ate a linha de grande area atrapalhar Adriano. Sem hipoteses no golo sofrido, brilhou ao defender em grande um livre de Rossato no segundo tempo." It doesn't blame HIM about the goal.

[Reply to: 972] From: els Date (GMT): 27/03/2003 (Thu) 10:47:05

Thanks Ismaela for you report.What's happen with Ricardo?What I could understand was that he 2 and 3 goal were his fault.Now he's a sunshine boy(so we call one person in Belgium we has always luck on the good moments),when he plays international(uefa or with the NT),he plays always very good(when you read the newspapers).Bye everyone and till write.

[Reply to: 972] From: els Date (GMT): 27/03/2003 (Thu) 15:16:03

Hoi all Vitor fan's it's me again.In record is an interview with Ronaldo.I don't know that the pc translation from portuguese to english is good. What I could understand :Ronaldo finds Baia a great keeper and he don't know why he is not with the NT.Is this translation correct?Can anybody help me?Thanks and Bye

[Reply to: 972] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 27/03/2003 (Thu) 21:53:44

Hi els, I think your translation is correct.
When I read the article, I was somehow worried if Ronaldo had not been contacted by Vítor for a while despite their friendship. Or, Vítor could have not told him about HIS being ommited from the NT because HE was so sad? Also I wonder if Figo, the current club team mate of Ronaldo at Madrid, has not told him about it either....

[Reply to: 972] From: els Date (GMT): 27/03/2003 (Thu) 22:34:14

Hoi Ismaela,thanks for info.Do you think that Vitor is so sad?I don't hope so.Remember septembre and octobre of 2002.At that moment ,I thought really this is the end of Vitor,and now he has everybody show that he is still the number one of porto,playing for the superliga campeonato,playing for the taça portuguese and still in the run for the uefa league.And we are not alone who don't understand why Scolari ommit him.But it is better don't say to much.Look at Mourinho's reaction last month(Vitor is with a long distance the best portugese goalkeeper)And maybe is this the answer of Scolari.
Have you also read the report in record of the match of Ricardo:"You have some of those nights that things goes wrong";It has be Vitor,I'm sure they have kill him in the press.Bye

[970] no titleFrom: G Date (GMT): 22/03/2003 (Sat) 20:09:53

yeah!! I am so happy FCP won,I was dancin' in the streets,and maybe now I'll get to SEE a game instead of reading about it(US tv sucks)go Porto!

[Reply to: 970] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 20:17:29

Oh will you go to Portugal to support FCP?! How I envy you! ;) If possible please tell us what you see in Portugal later! Thanks for your posting! :))

[969] Panathinaicos - PortoFrom: karlheinz Date (GMT): 19/03/2003 (Wed) 08:07:58

In 1996 in the first quarter-final match of Champions' League Ajax Amsterdam lost at home 0:1, but the second match won 3:0. Why did I remember this story? Because of his opponent - Panathinaikos. This scenario must repeat itself on Thursday. Thursday? Thorsday, Thor's Day! Good chance for Dragons to hammer some nails into the coffin of the Greek club! ;)


[Reply to: 969] From: els Date (GMT): 19/03/2003 (Wed) 16:30:05

Karlheinz,you're optimistic.I'm afraid,I'm not so optimistic.Porto didn't play well last weekend and I may be wrong but I think that Scolari gives the names of his NT for the matches against Brazil and Macedonie tomorrow.I'm so pessimistic that Vitor isn't on his list with players .I don't hope that will be influence the performance of VB against Panathinaikos.Sorry everybody,maybe I see it too black.Who can help me?

[Reply to: 969] From: Morgaine Date (GMT): 19/03/2003 (Wed) 21:20:53

Karl, what a wonderful message! Thank you so much - definitely the day for the Dragons to storm the Greek citadel.
Hi Els! I too am a bit worried about the timing regarding Scolari's announcement - if he doesn't choose Vítor, he really is a scumbag (I mean, I would obviously disagree with him if he chooses other keepers, but why make the announcement on a day when Porto, and Vítor, have a very big match?). But even if he doesn't choose Vítor, I don't think it would affect his performance; he'd be understandably hurt, I think, but above all he is a professional and the club is his life - he'd give his all despite any disappointment.

[Reply to: 969] From: els Date (GMT): 19/03/2003 (Wed) 21:59:45

Hallo Morgaine.thanks again.I hope it would affect Vitor.It is true for Scolari's announcement.Will he discourage Vitor and encourage Ricardo?

[Reply to: 969] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 20/03/2003 (Thu) 15:43:22

Thanks karlheinz for your message, I'm also moved your being so optimistic, too.
Unfortunately I'm rather on the side of els, I'm too pessimistic...
Anyway Vítor was not convoked by Scolari this time again, after all. I would never respect this coach...! Morgaine is quite right, he is just a scumbag!!!!!!! ;((((((((((((((((((((((
According to yesterday's breaking news from A Bola, there was an insider information about the NT players list, which was already notified to Porto's side yesterday, and they were already told Deco was in the list. About other Porto players the news said nothing, but Vítor could have known HE was not in the list already....Let's hope Vítor would not be down just because of Scolari's prejudice and would return him with HIS great play tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;((((((((((
Also Deco and Maniche would be very happy for being selected so I hope them expressing their joy with the great play tonight, too!!!!!!!!!!

[Reply to: 969] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 20/03/2003 (Thu) 23:02:39

OMG it is incredible, Porto WON with the score 0-2 after the extended match!!!! They will proceed to the Best 4!!!!!!!!!! Both of goals were by Derlei, thanks Derlei so much!!!!!!!!
Maisfutebol rated Vítor 5 points at their "ficha" page, OMG my wish was apparently materialized!!!! Did any of you watch the match!?? Please tell me what you saw!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)))))))))))))))))))))

[Reply to: 969] From: ana Date (GMT): 21/03/2003 (Fri) 12:32:17

well girls, Vitor couldn't have given a better response to scolari...HE was just unbelievable!! had his handfull of amazing saves!! as you can read in the newspapers... (he's in the cover of both O JOGO and RECORD) I still can't believe it...WE'RE IN THE SEMIS!!! and so is Boavista! that's great!

yesterday was quite emotional for me...I started the day so angry...just wanted to kill that brazilian dude!!! gosh!!! is there anyone who, in their perfect mind, can find a reason for why isn't he calling VITOR?!?!?!?!? I've tried and tried but I can't think of any point why scolari's doing this!! if it was last season, when vitor had just came from a serious injury and porto was doing terrible...I could even understand but NOW?!?!?! it makes no sense!! then I started feeling like yesterday would be a true nightmare for me. like els, I also wasn't too optimistic about the match with panathinaikos! I came running home from school so I wouldn't miss a single second! and I had never expected we would be that great!!! during the overtime (?) I was pulling my hair out, bitting my nails...and then...derlei scored!!! I just jumped from the cauch screamed GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLOOOOOOO from the bottom of my lungs...my dad came running from the kitchen "they scored?? they scored??" I couldn't be happier....made me forget about what that scumbag (well said Morgaine) did!! right now I still can't believe we passed...
and then I was giving all my thoughts (well, not all but a big part of them) to boavista! I don't die for love over that team but I sure support every portuguese team playing for europe. speacially Boavista cause they're from here, OPorto! and then it happened to them the same to us...they had to go overtime too. nothing was decided and it all had to be solved on penalty kicks...I won't say I was supporting Ricardo (never in my entire life!!!) but I was kinda....how can I say it...hoping he wouldn't mess it all up... you understand it, don't you?

I've just heard the draw for the semi-finals...
SS Lazio - PORTO!!!
comments about this a litle later cause now I got to go...

[Reply to: 969] From: ana Date (GMT): 21/03/2003 (Fri) 14:25:49

uhh...long message, sorry!
I'll be in the cr now... ;)

[Reply to: 969] From: dominika Date (GMT): 21/03/2003 (Fri) 19:48:13

Thanks Ana for information about the match! Porto is in the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup!!!!!! :)))))))))))))) That is fantastic!!! Thank you Dragons, thank you Derlei!!! Yesterday was my birthday and this victory is the best present for me!!! I'm very very happy :))))) And yes,FCP ran into Lazio ( and Fernando). It must be very tough matches, unfortunately...
...I'm afraid that Scolari didn't include Vitor for the match with Brazil. Fortunately Nuno Gomes is back to the NT. Bye!

[Reply to: 969] From: ursula Date (GMT): 22/03/2003 (Sat) 08:07:39

hi! i`m very happy they von in UEFA cup. so maybe i will finelly see a match of fc porto in german television. its sad that scolari doesn´t want vitor to play but maybe he will get into nt in the very last moment. there is still a bit time.

[Reply to: 969] From: els Date (GMT): 23/03/2003 (Sun) 11:08:42

Hoi all,thursday evening ,it was a great evening to us all,I could follow the score on teletext.I was very happy untill now I saw on this site that Vitor was not on Scolari's liste.I can't believe it.Ricardo yes but Quim?Was Scolari blind on he match Boavista-Braga?Honest,I didn't saw the match but I read the reports of the match.What is he doing during the match of Porto?One thing I'm sure,he switch of his television.How can he ignore a goalkeeper who plays with his team,and one of the main figures of the team,the semi-finals of the uefa?Scolari ,tell me who's the most stupid,you or me?

[Reply to: 969] From: els Date (GMT): 23/03/2003 (Sun) 12:39:59

Sorry it's me again.Ana ,how are the reaction in Portugal of the not calling of Vb?Is Quim better?I can't follow the competition in Portugal on tv,only online.But I say it again "I can't believe it."
Ismaela,you have ever asked if Mourinho was married.In Ojogo of Saturday there was a small picture of Zé with his little daughter.Does anybody knows how it is with Xana,Diogo and Bea?Bye

[Reply to: 969] From: dominika Date (GMT): 23/03/2003 (Sun) 18:15:11

Hi Els! I agree with you and I don't understand a decision of Sccolari too. Maybe he prefers young players? Anyway it is no fair!!! Vitor is goalkeeper of NT for 13 years and he still deserves to be the 1st GK!!! Just now when he is in very good form!
But is consolation for me...just it turned out that I can watch the match PORTO on 10 April :))) Finally Polish TV has mercy on me!!!!!
...who is it Xana?

[Reply to: 969] From: els Date (GMT): 23/03/2003 (Sun) 19:35:09

Hoi Dominika,Xana is Vitor's wife and Diogo and Bea,his kids.I'm very happy that you can watch the match on 10 april.In Belgium,they give only the champion's league matches.Bye

[Reply to: 969] From: dominika Date (GMT): 25/03/2003 (Tue) 18:36:19

Hi Els. Thanks :)))

[968] FC Porto 2, União Leiria 0! :DFrom: ismaela Date (GMT): 16/03/2003 (Sun) 20:48:03

So Porto won with the score 2-0! However, Porto did not play very well , just Leiria was too bad. Vítor had almost nothing to do in particular, but he seemed to be ok as far as I read a few match reports.
I hope it would be a good motivation toward the upcoming UEFA cup match visiting Greece, although it must be t ovbiously very very difficult to win them! ;((
A point I was concerned; Capucho and Costinha did not play. I thought they were convoked, but they did not play at all and they ware not on the bench either! ;0 What happened to them?? Just a precaution and preservaion toward PAO match???;((((((

BTW, a bit off topic, but I found somehow an interesting article at
I do not understand the whole article very well as always so I did not understand what they reported mainly, but I have read before on "O JOGO" that the youngest daughter of the FCP president Dr. Pinto da Costa, Joana, was studying to be a referee of football. But she's so young, as young as Ana! Is it really?, she's too young for her father's age. I'm curious about her, how many children does the president have (I've heard he has a son, though I don't know his age)? Is it possible to get a license of referee for a 15-year-old girl in Portugal??

[Reply to: 968] From: dominika Date (GMT): 17/03/2003 (Mon) 18:56:38

Hi Ismaela! Porto won and I'm so happy but Panathinaikos won too and Oli scored a 2 goals...
Oh, let's cross our fingers

[Reply to: 968] From: Mariann Date (GMT): 18/03/2003 (Tue) 20:14:31

Hi girls!! Sooooo long time no see!! Remember me? How have you been?? Good to be here again! :)
Fortunately I've been able to follow up almost every event with FCP (on TV), these guys are amazing, aren't they?? Incredible what they've been doing this season! Ismaela, don't worry: Mourinho only wanted to rest some of his key players. That's why some didn't play at all and others started on the bench. They all need to be 100% (or even more) on Thursday...

[Reply to: 968] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 20/03/2003 (Thu) 15:20:12

Hi dominika, yes Oli is a so good player. If he was in form in WC2002 Group D's result could have been much different. Poland and Portugal should have survived at that time... Anyway I don't wish him scoring tonight...;(
Hi Mariann!!!! Long time no see, I missed you !!! How have you been?! Thanks for keeping your support Vítor! Since you can watch FCP matches more than most of us, please come back to post here your impressioin about each match more often! ;))))))))

[967] Fernando CoutoFrom: ana Date (GMT): 14/03/2003 (Fri) 16:44:56

Hi everyone...
I'm still feeling sad for yesterday's defeat but meanwhile I found this site about Fernando Couto (http://www.fernandocouto.com) and I just started feeling happier... wanna know why? check out the photo gallery (private/fcporto/barcelona/portugal albuns mainly) and you'll find tons of pictures of vitor with fernando couto! great great pics!! you can't miss it!
also there's a small reference to Vitor. it seems the webmaster is also a fan of HIS... ;)
chek it out!

I'll be in the cr...

[Reply to: 967] From: els Date (GMT): 15/03/2003 (Sat) 09:48:37

Thanks Ana for the site of Fernando Couto,who seems me a great friend of Vitor.Nice,great pics,especially these with Vitor.
I'm sad for the defeat against Panathinaikos.I thought that Porto are capable to beat them.One positive thing,maybe Mourinho is back with his feet on the floor.Bye everyone.

[Reply to: 967] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 16/03/2003 (Sun) 16:15:18

Hi, Ana thanks so much for introducing us a nice fan site!!!!! For me Fernando's pictures with Vítor when they both were in Porto and Barcelona are really rare to see and this site is very precious. And it is very happy seeing the webmaster seems to be pro-Vítor !!! Also It was a happy surprise for me that the master apparently knows my site!! Thanks !!! ;)))

[Reply to: 967] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 16/03/2003 (Sun) 16:35:18

And sorry I was unavailable in the cr at that time!! ;(
Tonight Vítor and FCP will face to União Leiria... The former club of Mourino commanded which FCP could not beat, at the 1st round in the beginning of the season when Nuno was the goalkeeper as we remember. It must be a tough match but we have to pray for a victory!! ;(

[966] Scolari-uefaFrom: els Date (GMT): 11/03/2003 (Tue) 16:55:09

Scolari come to visite Porto.He has found the way to Porto.
Thursday ,Porto-Panathinaikos,I hope Vb is back on the field and not on the bench.I know ,in some teams when they play for the cup in their country,they use the second choice keeper(see Real madrid,Cesar instead of Casillas);Let's pray that Vb is back and Porto wins;Bye

[Reply to: 966] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 12/03/2003 (Wed) 22:11:25

Hi els, later I heard Scolari eventually postponed to visit FC Porto (I guess it means he would visit there tomorrow or later, or not for now) and I'm afraid if there's something to issue in Felipão's mind. I'm just wondering why Mourinho spoke aloud to wonder Scolari's attitude; Not observing North clubs' players by visiting there (I heard Mourinho complained something like that "Sr. Scolari visited Benfica and Sporting, then why not us? If he wants to stay in Lisbon only, ok please do so and concentrate in Lisbon till he dies, and I'll concentrate to do what I should do in Porto only" or so... Sorry, to mind you, 80% of this statement may include my biased impression and exaggerrated), and I'm afraid if his statement such like this may affect things worse. What if Scolari got to be upset and would not convoke Porto's players so much in the future? What if Vítor would keep being ignored because of it...? I can't help wondering if it's the eventual objective of Mourinho and I can never trust him personally....

So sorry my ranting too much, but I'm personally very sad now!!!! Deportivo La Coruña was virtually eliminated in CL!!! ;(((((((((( There are many wonderful players in Depor (e.g. Jorge Andrade, of course, and much more) and Javier Irureta is one of the coaches I love most in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Don Jabo!!!!!!! ;(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Although Real Madrid won meanwhile, I'm really sad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Porto must win tonight!!!!!!!!!!! Let's cross our fingers and pray !!!!!!!!!!!! *snif*;(((((((((((

[Reply to: 966] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 14/03/2003 (Fri) 14:24:26

OMG Porto was defeated by Panathinaikos at the home Antas!!!!! ;,-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( *sob*
Did anyone saw the match on TV? As far as I read some reports, fortunately Vítor was not to blame and it's the only one good thing I heard.
I had a jinx that Porto had always won if I dared to sleep during the match (you know, because of the time gap between Europe and Japan I have to sleep normally; For example at 20h in Portugal it is 05h a.m. in Japan) but it was finally broken. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that Panathinakos is even stronger at their home so that it must be even more difficult to beat them next time.... Porto may be virtually eliminated.... Oh no, I just want to blame Mourinho just because he's been so arrogant these weeks (about Scolari, Taça match, and etc.)!!!!

[Reply to: 966] From: dominika Date (GMT): 15/03/2003 (Sat) 11:06:35

Hi, it's really sad;(((((((( My compatriot Emmanuel Olisadebe scored a goal and FC PORTO lost because of him! What a pity!!!!!!!! So,"Oli" is very good striker...
Oh, girls! Now, we must to pray and to have faith in victory OUR BOYS on 20 March in Athens. God help them...

[964] YES!!!!!!!!From: ana Date (GMT): 05/03/2003 (Wed) 14:54:35

hi there!! :)
I'm so happy right now!! last night we beated benfica 0-1 in their stadium and it was just so....so....I don't even have the words for it!! our guys played their best! we went down to Lisbon to show those "$"#%&$%&$"&$#&%$&"#5 what football is all about! the match was great! the players were great! the fans were great.... ;))

About Vitor's perfomance, well, he almost never thouched the ball but when he did...just saved the match!! cause if benfica had a goal at that time, it could have changed the whole match!
I hope you can see some higlights of this match! the plays were great but you should have seen the celebrations! both RTP and SPORTV kept showing Vitor celebrating Deco's goal! running and yelling...pointing to the fans!! ;)) oh, and remember that famous Vitor Baía-Jorge Costa hug on Euro2000?? (there must be a pic of it somewhere) well, it happened again!! just picture this...Vitor smiling...Jorge smiling...walking to each other...and bummm there goes that heart-felt hug!! (made my smile go from one hear to the other!!) but the funniest moment for me was when TVI showed Vitor picking Pinto da Costa up (poor Vitor, must have hurted his backs or sg... ;))

girls if you can, you must see RTP's videos (http://www.rtp.pt/web/sites/rtpvideo.htm) especially today's JORNAL DA TARDE cause after the match, guess who was at the flash-interview??? yes, VITOR!! ;) I remeber he said this was a great victory, he thanked the 5thousand fans who went there, said they deserved that win, and (as usual) denyed that Porto is already the champion!

well, you girls now I'm a pessimist by nature...but I'm really starting to believe we're going to win this championship!! I mean, we're 13 points ahead...and we're playing so amanzigly great!!! ;)))))

I'm in the cr now...

[Reply to: 964] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 05/03/2003 (Wed) 21:20:40

Oh what a great news!!!!! I'm so happy, too!!!! Thanks so much, Ana!!!
Well, at this moment I followed the RTP Tele Jornal then I've just recorded the interview Vítor did just after the match! Please listen it with Real Player! ;)

[Reply to: 964] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 05/03/2003 (Wed) 21:57:34

And two screen shots from the news! Sorry for these images are too blur under my circumstance!! ;(
The latter is the moment when Deco made a decisive goal for Porto!

[Reply to: 964] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 05/03/2003 (Wed) 22:02:34

And a beautiful pic copied from Record when (apparently) Vítor stopped a shot from Nuno Gomes! ;)

[Reply to: 964] From: els Date (GMT): 07/03/2003 (Fri) 15:49:38

Thanks Ana and Ismaela for info and pics.I'm so happy that Porto has won and Vb didn't allow a goal.Let's say or write,I'm always happy for Vitor and us ,when Vitor don't allow a goal.Now the next game is for the cup against Varzim.I read in ojogo that Nuno could be the keeper in that match.Till write girls.

[Reply to: 964] From: ana Date (GMT): 08/03/2003 (Sat) 15:23:04

yes, appearently nuno will be the keeper this afternoon...Mourinho had already warned that no player would be playing all these matches (denizlispor, benfica, varzim, panathinaikos) so it's most likely that Vitor will be resting today...
and I'll be resting in the cr.... ;)

[Reply to: 964] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 08/03/2003 (Sat) 16:44:09

Yes, I've also heard that news. Maybe it's time to take rest, for the next SuperLiga match & Panathinaikos challenge. The latter one must be especially very hard... I hope Vítor will be back for those matches.

To feel easier, I also heard that not only Vítor but also other important players like Capucho and Hélder Postiga will be reportedly preserved, staying on the bench, and another wonder player Derlei is not included in the list, as well as Pedro Emanuel. Meanwhile, Costinha, who just recovered from injury, may play as the warming up, and surprisingly Secretário who has suffered injury since the beginning of this season may finally play this evening. Is he ok??

[Reply to: 964] From: ana Date (GMT): 08/03/2003 (Sat) 20:59:47

the match has just ended...we won 7-0...you'll never guess who scored the 7th goal...a penalty kick by NUNO yes NUNO!! I had dreamed of vitor scoring a goal...it's not fair!! anyway what matters is that we won...

[Reply to: 964] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 09/03/2003 (Sun) 02:22:14

OMG I did not expect such a great win for Taça match!!! I heard Porto got 3 chances to have penalty kicks and Jankauskas missed one of them... Why Mourinho made Nuno to mark the last penalty kick? A certain stuff of Varzim got so angered as the coach said "it's lack of respect, so arrogant attitude" and I understand his feeling. What a pity. ;(
Did Nuno have many jobs to threat Vítor's position? As far as I read the match report he had nothing in particular, though.... ;(((((((((((((((

[Reply to: 964] From: dominika Date (GMT): 09/03/2003 (Sun) 03:07:50

Hi, oh many THANKS for these pictures! I'm so happy when I can to see Vitor :D He made a brilliant save!
And don't be a pessimist Ana:) You know, FCP is the best Portuguese team!! Just 1 the lost game and 13 points ahead confirm it. Our the beloved team must to be the champion!!!!!!!!!! Deep in my heart I feel so be it. Anyway I have faith in it :)))
As for the Portuguese Cup, yes! Porto beat Varzim 7-0!!!!!!!! :))) Oh,well done boys!!

...change the subject. When the Portuguese NT play some international match? Who knows? As for as I know in March vs Brazil, is it true???

[Reply to: 964] From: dominika Date (GMT): 09/03/2003 (Sun) 15:17:29

Hi girls! As for the absence of Vitor on the field yesterday I think HE could be overworked when HE would be playing all matches. Don't worry!!! Vitor is the 1st GK of Porto, anyhow :) I'm sure that Vitor will be back very soon. HE is better than Nuno and Mourinho knows about it, so it seems to me... But Nuno scored a goal...well, well... Anyway the GK should to save, not to score!

[Reply to: 964] From: els Date (GMT): 11/03/2003 (Tue) 10:12:44

Hoi ,I found it strange when I heard that Nuno scored,but you are right Dominika, a keeper must save not score.But let's now see it optimistic,it's normally that the keeper has a good shot and especially Nuno,because he is the warming-up mate of Vb and must train our guy,so he need a good shot to beat VB.Bye

[Reply to: 964] From: ana Date (GMT): 11/03/2003 (Tue) 11:07:08

really don't think nuno's training vitor....that's silvino's job... ;)
the guys at Varzim really took it as an insult. and I can't blame them for it...
well, at least we found out any utility in nuno....since he sucks as a keeper...

[Reply to: 964] From: els Date (GMT): 11/03/2003 (Tue) 12:08:08

Thanks Ana,sorry for my wrong expression.I know Silvino is the trainer of the keepers,but what I mean is that VB and Nuno were training together so they know eachother well on the field.I think that penalty goal of Nuno was an idea of our dear Mourinho,maybe he knows that the most porto fans aren't Nuno's fans so he becomes more favorite.There is still one person in Porto that believes in Nuno.Mourinho.Not I.And I think I'm not alone.Once ,I saw a picture of Nuno,he remember me at the hulk but not in green.Sorry I'm rough.

[960] a great friendly!! ;)From: ana Date (GMT): 25/02/2003 (Tue) 11:57:24

Hi everyone...
a member of PP2 posted this news there a couple days ago...

"Big Phil" could be back in Japan.

Japan Football Association officials on Monday announced that the national team could play as many as 17 matches this year, including a scheduled home-and-away series against full-strength Portugal now managed by Brazil's 2002 World Cup-winning coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Japan manager Zico, who is friends with Scolari, laid the groundwork for the matchup against the Portuguese, according to JFA General Secretary Takeo Hirata.

"As everyone knows, Japan has established itself as one of the top
two nations in Asia," Zico said. "But for us to reach our goal at the World Cup in 2006, we need to know how our status in Asia translates in Europe. If it does not translate very well, then we must strengthen our weak points."

The JFA is still negotiating with Portugal officials, but Hirata said Scolari, who stepped down as national coach after leading the Brazilians to their fifth World Cup title last summer, is "very enthusiastic" about playing Zico's Japan.

The home leg against Portugal, host of next year's European Championship, would be played as part of the Kirin Cup on either
June 13 or 14. The Japanese would play at Portugal in mid-October as part of a European tour.

Ismaela, have you heard anything about this? I think you once told me there was this possibility but have you heard any kind of confirmation...?
I sure hope this match happens.... :)

[Reply to: 960] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 25/02/2003 (Tue) 16:44:33

Yes, in Japan these weeks it has been a big news!!! However I've not written about it here, because it is obviously a "limited hot topic" in Japan ONLY and I see it is not so that in Portugal... I can't be sure about this matter unless FPF officially announces, so I'll be a bit skeptical about it....
Anyway even if the match will be set, I would not be able to see the match (perhaps held in Yokohama or Tokio) because I'm sure it will be a platinum ticket to get!!! And whenever I may attend a match, my fav team will lose or at best draw! ;( And if Vítor is not included in the team I must say there's little interest in the NT! ;(((((

[Reply to: 960] From: siyah adam Date (GMT): 09/03/2003 (Sun) 12:39:40

witor write me ı love you

[965] from turkeyFrom: siyah adam Date (GMT): 09/03/2003 (Sun) 12:38:09

vitor baia write me,its dangerous,ı love you and

[962] porto-onlineFrom: els Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 10:49:18

Ana, can you answer me please?I've just read porto-on line and under team ,near the name Vitor Baia,the explication:Scolari's omission of Vb has effect on his performance.Is it true?I know Porto on-line is not a Baia fan.

[Reply to: 962] From: Morgaine Date (GMT): 05/03/2003 (Wed) 06:04:04

Hi Els! I hope Ana will forgive me, but I just had to reply to your question, and the answer is NO, definitely not true! Vitor has been in great form all season, before and after suspension, before and after Scolari's decision. He's been absolutely solid in goal and has made quite a number of excellent saves; he just hasn't had all that many opportunities to make those truly heroic ones (thanks to the superiority of his team) that would give him those high scores from the sports journals. And several of his saves were crucial to the team's morale by preventing a draw, and possibly a loss, during important moments in various games. I don't think Marco at Porto-Online is so much anti-Baia as he is pro-Nuno, but he simply doesn't 'get it'; Nuno could never provide the kind of leadership and build the kind of trust Vitor gives to and receives from his team. (And let's all applaud Pinto da Costa's embracing and supportive remarks about Vitor tonight, this magical night of Porto's victory over Benfica - he is so right about all the unjust remarks in the media about our hero. If Vitor had ever performed as horrendously as Ricardo did against Varzim a week ago, he would have been torn apart for days in Record and A Bola).

[Reply to: 962] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 06/03/2003 (Thu) 20:08:12

Morgaine, thanks for the support as always!!! ;)) But unfortunately I can't find where we can read the president Pinto Da Costa's remark about Vítor...
Also, today's A Bola, what are they writing about ?
I have entirely no idea since I can't understand Portuguese very well.. ...

[Reply to: 962] From: Morgaine Date (GMT): 07/03/2003 (Fri) 06:09:58

Hi Ismaela!! His remarks about Vítor were brief, mentioned during a post-game interview; just saying how he had given Vítor a big hug after the game, that he'd been great all season and had proven that he was the best (roughly translated). I read the remarks first in 'Maisfutebol', posted soon after the match info (ficha, etc.); 'O Jogo' also recorded them - in the first paragraph, http://www.ojogo.pt/19-12/Artigo252813.htm ('Record' put the remarks in the same article where you got that terrific photo of Vítor; 'A Bola', while it posted Pinto da Costa's interview, wholly omitted the Vítor-related comments).
Geez, I was hoping you or someone here could translate that article in 'A Bola'; neither
my very basic understanding of Portuguese nor my translator could handle it.
Right now I'm spitting mad because the Lisbon-based persecutions are continuing; apparently, according to 'O Jogo', the CD is harassing Zé about comments he made after the Denizlispor match in Porto; I mean, c'mon, not only are the comments not worthy of disciplinary action, but that match was two weeks ago! The politics of the whole thing is a disgrace.

[Reply to: 962] From: ana Date (GMT): 07/03/2003 (Fri) 11:48:51

I bought A BOLA newspapers on wednesday (but chiuuuuu don't tell anyone....it's bad for my reputation) and I read what Pinto said about Vitor:
"In the locker room I told him he was going to prove again that he is the best portuguese goal-keeper, and that's what happened" ;)) (oh...just saw now that it's also written in O JOGO...thanks Morgaine)

and nothing related to vitor, but did you read in O JOGO what Pinto da Costa said to Féher?
Feher was giving an interview to some tv before the match. Pinto and some other guys pass behind him and someone says "Look, there's our 'goleador' (goal-maker? striker?)" and Pinto answers..."yes, he even already has half the goals that Jorge Costa has!"

eheheh....tell me...you gotta love this guy!!! ;))

[Reply to: 962] From: els Date (GMT): 07/03/2003 (Fri) 15:35:03

Thanks Morgaine,but I find the press sometimes negative about Vitor,Ricardo is now the hero.
Ana ,I've laugh with that article about Pinta da Costa and Feher and I'm happy that the relation between the president and Vitor is ok .

[961] no titleFrom: dominika Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 10:36:26

Hi, Porto will play in the quarterfinal of UEFA cup and I'm very pleased with it! But Panathinaikos is better than Denizli or RC Lens I think... And Olisadebe is in good form lately. Fortunately the 1st match is at Das Antas :))

Thanks ana. I quite understand Ze :)
As for the names, in Polish bajka or baja stands for a fable. It's so similar to BAIA :))))

If Vitor reads a book of Scolari, HE thinks about the NT probably...

[Reply to: 961] From: dominika Date (GMT): 04/03/2003 (Tue) 20:44:39

Hi everyone. I told you so! Panathinaikos won 2:0 the day before yesterday. And "Oli" score a goal. This team is good now. But nevertheless I have faith in victory FC Porto:)) X=

And tonight is the match Benfica-Porto,thus let's pray!!!!!!

[963] Benfica vs FC Porto!!!From: ismaela Date (GMT): 04/03/2003 (Tue) 15:26:55

Tonight it's THE battle!!! Actually according to history, Porto has suffered so hard in Benfica's home stadium "Luz" in the past 68 matches, they only won for 9 times, 20 draws and the rest was all defeat. It must be so hard match tonight, too, but let's cross our fingers and wish Vítor would be so happy, enjoying his own football against them!!!! Força Vítor! Força FCP!!!! ;(

[952] UEFA CUPFrom: dominika Date (GMT): 19/02/2003 (Wed) 18:25:39

Hi everyone! Fajnie, że są tu ludzie z Polski :) Tomorrow evening is the match Porto - Denizlispor! I think this Turkish team is worse than FCP. I won't be able to see this match, unfortunately... :((( Good luck Dragaos and take care Vitor !!!!!!
Tomorrow is also the match Lazio (with Fernando Couto of course) vs. Wisła Cracow from Poland. I like Fernando very much and I wish him victory!
Speaking of CL matches, it is a pity that Barca won with Inter (for the sake of Sergio of course! ). Toldo allowed 3 goals! :O
I have question. Why ana call Mourinho ' Ze' sometimes? I don't understand 'Ze'...

[Reply to: 952] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 19/02/2003 (Wed) 21:13:57

Hi dominika, welcome back!!! Let's hope Vítor and Porto's victory against Denizlispor!!! And for Fernando and Lazio, too!!
Perhaps Ana is so busy that if you allow me to help you, I guess "Zé" is kinda short term for "José". Portuguese "José" sounds differently from Spanish "José", it's like "Joe-Zee" or so; The last "sé" sounds like the 5th syllable in the English word "naturaliZAation", I guess.

Speaking of the naturalization, it is quite off topic from CL and UEFA, but all of a sudden I'm quite concerned about a news; The 1st GK of Belenenses , the club of Portugal, is a Brazilian whose name is Marco Aurélio, is reportedly being naturalized. He has played in Portugal for 6 seasons but he has never played for Brazilian NT so that if he once becomes to be a Portuguese he may get a chance to be called for the Portuguese NT. You see, here comes another rival GK of Vítor.!!!!! ;(((((((( Sorry for minding you but Marco Aurélio is a considerably good keeper. Even Scolari mentioned him on the press conference that "you can't call Deco now since he's not a Portuguese yet, as Marco Aurélio not yet for now " or so!! Once he is naturalized Scolari may call him!!! ;((((((((
I have no offence against Deco's naturalization but I must say that I'm quite feeling bad about Marco Aurélio!!! :(((((((((( For some reference, he's 1 year younger than Vítor.

[Reply to: 952] From: ana Date (GMT): 24/02/2003 (Mon) 12:37:06

don't have much time now....but I'll explain you the Zé thing...like Ismaela said, "Zé" is short for José. we (me, Ana and a lot of people) call him that for basicly 3 reasons:
1-it's way easier and faster to right (both here at the MB and tru SMS)
2-you see, his name is Mourinho which means something like "litle Mouro" and "Mouro" is what he call someone from Lisbon or the south...mostly Benfica's fans. so, having a coach named "litle benfica fan" in a club who dedicates its entire History fighting the so-called "Mouros"....you can see the irony, can't you? :)
3-because it's a sweet way of calling him...by saying "there goes Zé/Zé did this/Zé did that..." makes it feel like we're long time good friends. when all that scandal between Vitor and him came up believe me, sweet names was not what I was calling him....but now that everything is working out fine I decided there shouldn't be any hard-feelings and started calling him Zé again...

see, it's nothing important...well, got to go...

[Reply to: 952] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 26/02/2003 (Wed) 17:44:19

Thanks Ana for following up!! ;)))))

Tonight I read Porto's main squad arrived Turkey under so bad weather... I just wonder what Zé is thinking about; the journey was so hard and this weekend Porto will have a really important match with Benfica, but he apparently have no interest in preserving the main squad!!! As we know FCP has won Denizlispor with the score 6-1 at Antas so that they can lose with the score up to 4-0 (or 4 goals difference) in the away match! It is an exact turn for Nuno to suffer the "inferno" but Vítor traveled with the team as well!!! ;(
O Jogo and A Bola wrote HE was reading a book of (about? /written by?) Scolari while HE was in bus during the trip. I wonder, who tells such a thing to the press?? ;(

[Reply to: 952] From: ana Date (GMT): 26/02/2003 (Wed) 19:14:13

yeah, I heard the guys went tru a really hard trip to get to Denizli. 5 hours by plain plus 3 hours by bus tru a really bad road...
I think some key players might stay in the bench this match but I don't think Vitor will...after all this is an UEFA cup match and since Vitor hasn't had much to do in the previous games I don't think he needs to rest in this match... ;)
oh and about the book thing...Ismaela, what do you mean saying "I wonder, who tells such a thing to the press?? ;(" I mean, the press said nothing wrong...they have to fill the blanks so they take all litle details to write about...I guess they tought it was interesting to see Vitor reading Scolari's book ( his biography)...can't see nothing worng in that...

[Reply to: 952] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 26/02/2003 (Wed) 21:28:11

Oh hi Ana, it seems that you are right; apparently Zé has already revealed his starting eleven for tomorrow in the press conference, and Vítor will be one of them. Also, a Hungarian young stud Akos Buszaky will be expected to debut in the UEFA cup.
Szia Hungarian friends!!! How have you been?? Another nice player from your country is about to contribute Porto's victory!!! Let's pray for Akos and Vítor!!!! :))))))
Actually, in Japan, later this match will be aired on TV in the end of the next month (too late!!!) , despite no broadcast of the previous match at Antas ;( For that I wish Porto's another win!!!

About the Scolari's book, I don't mean I'm offensed, I do understand the press had to fill the blank and knitpick even a little thing... But as non-Portuguese I wondered if the press of 'Mouros' wrote about it as if Vítor were studying how to get attention of Scolari by reading his bio...Of course not, though :(

[Reply to: 952] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 27/02/2003 (Thu) 21:00:39

The result: Denizlispor 2, FC Porto 2! Porto drew this match and will proceed into the best 8 of UEFA cup!! :D
Vítor allowed 2 goals in the 2nd half only... HE must have been frozen so much. :(((((
I hope no one of Porto players injured and would take rest immediately, recover soon and be ready to the clássico match against Benfica of the weekend!!

[Reply to: 952] From: els Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 09:46:55

Hoi everybody,last thursday was for me a great day,I could watch the match Denizlispor-porto on television.Finally,I saw Vitor again .First,he couldn't do anything against the goals.Vitor looks fine in his long black pants.And I found Mourinho also goodlooking.Derlei was everywhere,the young hungarian player did his job .
After this game,I followed the match Boavista-Berlijn.That was everthing except football."Football is war":said Rinus Michels,a great dutch footballtrainer.And the greatest hooligans stand on the field.Ricardo is not onley a good goalkeeper but also an good actor.He can play in a piece of Shakespeare.Even the belgian newspapers shows pictures of that game.Fans,trainers,substitute players and police on the field.
Tuesday is the big game.Benfica-porto.let's cross our fingers and pray.Bye

[Reply to: 952] From: dominika Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 13:59:03

Hi els. I envy you because I haven't seen Vitor for a long time... :(((((( But I'm glad that HE looks fine, as usual !!! :)
And yes, on Tuesday is really the big game !!!!!! Good luck FC Porto !!! I have faith in our guys :))

[Reply to: 952] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 15:01:26

Hi els, thanks for the report!!! Then you watched both of the match LIVE, that's good for you!!!! I'll be able to watch Denizlispor vs Porto on the end of this month as I wrote before... So Vítor was wearing long pants not to cool his knees...? I hope HE has no physical problems... Later I read a few reports saying same thing: the goals were Jorge Costa's fault and HE was not to blame. I was somehow relieved and I wish HIS luck more...
Also, do you mean Ricardo is good GK as well as the actor of Shakespeare with irony or not?! :) I heard that when Boavista made a decisive goal, the opponent's GK or the sub GK (depending on news site it differes the detail) got angry and went to attack Ricardo, and then the war began. If the 1st GK of Hertha Berlin was the responsible, it is Kiraly, a Hungarian international great GK and I'm afraid many Hungarian friends who used to be regular visitors here must have been so sad. I wonder what made him so upset. :((( els, do you remember which GK was enraged first? The one in the long loose gray pants?

I am also anxious about Tuesdays Clássico vs. Benfica. Unfortunately I don't sense Porto's win at the Luz stadium but these days I'm becoming to hate Simão and can't help wishing his unluck.... ;((((((

[Reply to: 952] From: els Date (GMT): 02/03/2003 (Sun) 15:49:12

Hoi Ismaela,it is with irony.Ricardo can be a great goalkeeper but the things he did in the two games against Hertha Berlijn,i see it every weekend on Belgian tv on belgian fields.And even more,and we don't have those great goalkeepers anymore(Pfaff,Preudhomme).
It was a charge of Kiraly but not so heavy. I thougt really that Ricardo was hurt badley how he lies on the ground,full with pains in all that chaos.A few minutes later,when the match could start again,he has nothing.A really showman.
I'm also anxiuos about Benfica-porto.I hope that Porto wins but I'm afraid.I'm already happy with a draw and sure a great performance of Vb ,because that's what he needs.Bye

[959] ès o MAIORFrom: Luís Date (GMT): 24/02/2003 (Mon) 12:57:28


[Reply to: 959] From: ismaela Date (GMT): 26/02/2003 (Wed) 17:35:52

Obrigada!! ;)))